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We have been a virtual call center since 1994. We have remained strong and steady due to our amazing agents that love working from home combined with a strong and robust group of clients. We want to add you to that list of amazing agents.

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Why have we been in business since 1994? Because our goal is to have all our agents meet goals. Your goals can be spending more time outdoors to earning enough money to go on vacation. Your goals can change by the week, which is why we have so much flexibility by having you create your own hours based on availability.

Our company is all about making each and every agent feel they are the only agent. We do that by not using ID numbers to communicate with you. Instead we learn who you really are as a person. You will find that we love our agents and will do anything possible to help you meet your goals. Don't take our word for it, review what our agents say about our company.

What our agents are saying about us

William K, South Florida

Being a veteran isn't that easy for me. I suffered tremendous loss in combat over the years. I was sitting in a pizzeria relaxing and eating pizza. While sitting there I just started crying because I was running out of money. I promised my grandson that I would pay for his college education several years ago. About a month before the pizza shop, my grandson called me and let me know how much college would cost. I didn't make that kind of money with my benefits. A guy walked up to me and asked me what was wrong. I told him what as bothering me. He asked me several questions. I felt like I was being interviewed for something. About 15 minutes went by of our discussion. I then found out his name was Dan. Dan assured me that I can make good on my promise to my grandson. As of today, between my work and my benefits, I have completely paid off his college and bought him a car to get around in. I cannot begin to thank Dan enough for always listening. The best part is that Dan is always there.

Jesus P, Miami, Florida

A little over a year ago I met my friend at a diner. We were talking about my job loss. I did not know that my luck would change that day. The person at the table next to us was Dan. He was sitting with another friend of his discussing work. I couldn't help but to listen in a little bit. I asked Dan if I could do this too. He happily accepted. Today I am using my Spanish skills and making more money than I ever have before. I have two clients and keep myself pretty busy.

Hace poco más de un año conocí a mi amigo en una cena. Estábamos hablando de mi pérdida de trabajo. No sabía que mi suerte cambiaría ese día. La persona en la mesa de al lado de nosotros era Dan. Estaba sentado con otro amigo de su trabajo. No pude evitar escucharlo un poco. Le pregunté a Dan si podía hacer esto también. Él aceptó felizmente. Hoy estoy usando mis habilidades en español y ganando más dinero que antes. Tengo dos clientes y me mantengo bastante ocupado.

Steven, Jacksonville, Florida

A year ago I was working 60-70 hours a week for minimum wage. I was having a hard time making ends meet with family bills. I came across Dan by a friend of ours. As of last week I now have three clients and making a lot more than before. I thank God every day that I met Dan. I also have to say thanks to Joan for hooking us up.

Joan M, Tallahassee, Florida

I recently transferred to Dan from another IB. I was not getting paid after putting in 30 hours a week from the other IB. I also never heard from the other owner. I was ready to leave Arise. I really thought it was a huge scam. Dan and I spoke for over an hour on the telephone. He convinced me to transfer to him. Oh, am I glad I did too. When I came over to Dan, it was a whole new world. Dan is super transparent, very easy to communicate with, fast to respond to all communication, pays on time and even sends out emails before payment to verify how much I am going to get paid. This is how a business should be run. I will never leave Dan, he's the best IBO.

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